World Cup Fever is upon me!

Every 4 years there is one event which engulfs me. However there always seems something to get in the way. When I was a kid and still engrossed (in a way...) in schooling and studies and all that it used to be exams! Exams and the preparation for these always seemed to get in the way of more important things... such as watching World Cup Football.

Now that exams are a part of my history - well, exams in the academic sense as life is one constant exam, a constant trial which sometimes can leave people gasping for respite - anyway... now that exams are over, past, gone, no more thought about and no more worried about.... I have a big international event at work which runs annually and which falls bang in the midst of the World Cup Tournament. 

So while I am supposed to be monitoring and 'umpiring' our lanes to ensure bowlers stick to the regulations there would be epic battles being fought out on the turf of stadiums across South Africa - for this year 2010 - and being shown on our screens at the Bowling Centre. A battle which I would be hard put to keep my eyes off. A battle which I would often fail to win. 

 Add to that the official Sticker Album which kids love to collect and fill in with stickers of the players and the stadiums, exchanging and duplicates with mates. Yup... I too have one though I am still way back in the collection stage. 

Roll on World Cup! Looking forward to the spectacle!