February 17th 2011 saw the Libyan people finally breaking out of their silence which has been imposed on them for almost half a century by the Gaddafi Regime. Protests which begun in Tobruk soon spread throughout east Libya with Benghazi becoming the mainstay of the rebellion.

The rebellion was moving fast... flowing towards the west ant Tripoli in a relentless pace that was fueled, if not by organisation and expertise, at least by pure courage and passion. Senior officials in the diplomatic core and army personnel began defecting to the opposition, quick to distance themselves from the regime - a decision that could not have been easy to take after so many years in the regime and the fact that the rebellion, no matter how successful it seemed, was no where near guaranteed. 

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of Muammar Gaddafi, made numerous appearances on TV saying that his father and the regime shall not step down and that they will fight to the last man, to the last woman and that blood shall be spilled! 
Such talk should have sent warning signals to the international community - yet they stood back and watched! Taking ages to decide on whether to impose sanctions or not, then ages and numerous meetings to discuss setting up meetings to discuss the possibility of implementing a No-Fly Zone over Libya.

In the meantime Gaddafi sat back and basked in the naivety of the Western leaders' calls for him to step down!
Try calling to a blank wall and tell it to stop blocking your way and see how much good that would make. However much western leaders called in no mild terms for Gaddafi to step down there was no way he was going to listen. His son's comments and then later his own mad ramblings were proof enough that he was simply laughing at the west and just biding his time to retaliate against the rebels. 

To give the rebels credit they did say that they didn't want any foreign forces landing in Libya and one can understand their reasons. This was, is and has to be a Libyan victory from start to end. However the fact remains, and the Libyan National Council and all the rebels always said this, that they needed help in the form of a no-fly zone to eliminate the threat and damage that Gaddafi's Airforce was inflicting.

Yet the West, well not just the west... the whole international community, dawdling, pussy-footed and beat around the bush sending strong messages to Gaddafi to step down (which he simply ignored). 

And where are we now?

Gaddafi troops assault rebel-held Libyan town Ajdabiya

Rebel fighters flee in cars after a tank shell explodes in Ajdabiyah
 All the good ground the rebels had won is slowly being recaptured by troops loyal to Gaddafi and his regime. Lives are being lost and there is a high risk of many more lives being lost, ruined and simply shattered should the regime regain control of East Libya and retribution be meted out to those who dared challenge authority.

So what are they waiting for? To go in when it is already too late, if they go in at all, would be a disaster and a damning testimony to the ineffectualness of all those institutions there are supposedly there to help fight against such cruelty to mankind, to suppression of freedom and to the right of free will and speech.