Traffic jams can be quite temperamental things can't they? They ebb and flow, creep along and get stuck for minutes, hours on end and then disappear. Whoever invented the traffic jam had a very bad sense of humour and, I am sure there are many around who agree with me, should be resurrected and tried in court for disservices to the general public at large.

Apart from being annoying and can wreck chaos with one's timetable, they can also posses some unusual qualities. See the scenarios played out below:

Scenario 1 - Triq il-Wied, Iklin early morning
Slow moving traffic belching out fumes galore stretching down from the junction with Tal-Balal Road all the way to beyond the double twists in the road just below the exit of our drive going towards Naxxar. These people presumably are all on their way to work...

But what happens to them at the end of the day???

Scenario 2 - Triq il-Wied, Iklin, evening
Almost static and very slow moving traffic along Tal-Balal road which tends to extend further than the morning jam as it starts at the double round-about set up at the top of Iklin and stretches way beyond the petrol station. The traffic would be from San Gwann towards Naxxar and, again presumably, these are people heading back home after work.

Both jams, somehow, are going in the same direction... towards Naxxar! So what happened to the people of the Morning Jam? Where did they go? 

Do people actually use different routes to go to and come back home from work?
Do you?