Yep.... The 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa has finally got under way! All the anticipation, all the excitement and all the nerves...  a 'bit' of wild speculation too is now over! Well, not really over as throughout the tournament all those emotions continue to compete with each other and with the joy, frustration, sadness, anger, incredulity and what-have-you while watching the matches or in preparation of the next match.

Yep... we humans are crazy! Well.... lets not be too general about that! Never nice to stereotype people, but I am, I go through all those wild and crazy emotions. Most of the times on a subdued level, but while watching the actual games not quite that subdued I would be! Ha... especially after a couple of beers! Ha! And I am human, I believe, ergo humans are crazy!

The first match - South Africa vs Mexico - was played last Friday, 11th June... wow what a great goal from Tshabalala. Pity SA had a moment of disorganization in their defence to allow Marquez time to sneak in from behind and slot in the equalizer.  It looked like they were caught napping by Mexico and there were three Mexican players unmarked and forgotten about behind the Rainbow team's defence. Ah well... a wonderful start nevertheless. 

France vs Uruguay? A match to forget.... Was watching it with my Dad and I kept falling asleep... was there any shot on goal... because I really didn't see any. Those shots that went miles wide and were only half-hearted speculation at best don't count!

That's the opening day covered... Come Saturday and three more matches. Sorry to those who don't like football, but it seems that everywhere and everybody is watching football at the moment. Driving to Valletta for a friends B'day celebration yesterday evening I was following Englands build up and start to the match on my mobile but I also could have followed it from the numerous big screens, TV's etc set up in bars and restaurants on the way! It is everywhere and there is nothing one can do about it! Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Saturday's game kicked of with Korea Republic vs Greece - a game I had predicted Greece for a win... a bit off I was there but I was sad for Greece as they do reuire something to cheer about after all the financial woes that the country has been facing. However Korea Republic fully deserved their 2-0 winner. Well done to them!

I was backing Nigeria in the next match: Argentina vs Nigeria and I believe a 1-0 loss was not too bad a showing for the Super Eagles. A star studded team such as Argentina has should have done much better then a mere 1-0 win, but I did not watch the match as we were busy serving our multitude of kids parties at Eden Super Bowl.

Finally the game I had been waiting for... England vs USA. I was certain England would be able to overcome their jitters and produce. A certainty which was confirmed in the first few minutes of the game with Gerrard's goal. Then what happened?? They lay back... they lost possession and they had a howler... and USA pulled up a draw! Ah well.... 

More matches to come... more emotions and more beer!