I have just discovered this new site-building site/application/resource - whatever you wish to call it.

First off: the best thing is that it is free and many of the cool features are available. If you do wish to make use of some further features there is always the option of upgrading and a mere $45.00 per year! Not bad really... but when you get quite a lot with the free subscription, well why bother?

Anyway... blogging... I used to try to keep a blog on Blogger.com though with my tendency to procrastinate I never did update it much. 

Who knows... I have been trying to get find ways to increase the exposure of my iStock portfolio  and this site may just give me the perfect platform through which I may do this. It contains many neat gadgets and guidelines on how to get the site visible in Google's search engine.

I may even manage to get my adsense account to start generating some cash too! Ha.... that'll be the day!

Well... lets see! 
Once I'm happy with the layout of the site I'll publish... then....

Fingers crossed!