You would never really think it would happen to you. A new external drive, running smoothly and completely free of any viruses. Hey, makes you feel very safe doesn't it!



Can't imagine what caused the error, but a drive I had transferred all my images onto - and which was dedicated to images alone and nothing else just died on me! well, died isn't quite the correct term as the data is there... windows sees it as there but when I access the drive all I can see is one system file.

Was going to try doing a chkdsk on the drive but since I do not have (shock horror) an updated back-up of the data I feared that I may lose the info. 

 So what next?

Running a data recovery software currently and hoping (fingers crossed) that I would be able to recover the data and save to another drive. Once that is done I plan to reformat the offending drive and run as many diagnostic tools and scans on it as possible until I am 100% sure that all errors have been fixed.

Now I need to find a way of securing my data and fast! I can go through this heart-attack risk worry again!

Options for Backing up: 
  • Backing up to CD or DVD - While cd's and dvd's are rather cheap and easy to get hold of and backing up to these seems quite simply they, as did their predecessor - the floppy, have their shelf life limit and can even cause errors while trying to read or write.  

  • Backing up to Tape - Much safer then backing up to DVD but very costly and not quite cost efficient for a small business or home user as myself.  

  • Using External Hard Drives - Well, that is what I have been doing myself all along. However I made one mistake of using the external drive as my primary and sole source for the data. Not really a back-up. But it was a new drive and I felt (unfortunately it transpires) secure with it. However, using an external hard drive as back-up source is easy, relatively cheap and effective. Just make sure to have the original data on a separate drive.  

  • Making use of Online Back-up Services - I am still discovering this medium so I cannot comment much about it. It does incur a cost - a periodical cost for the storage plus a cost should you wish to retrieve the back-up. There are many only companies that offer this type of service, all with their own price structure. it is therefore up to the individual to review and select which would be the best for him/her. 
    Obvious considerations are:
    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Efficiency
Well, lets see how the data recover software goes - almost ready from the scan and hopefully I'll have something positive from it.