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Micro stock and I

Posted by Mike Gatt on Saturday, May 15, 2010, In : Photography 
There are numerous, hundreds, of micro stock sites that provide royalty free images, vectors, illustrations video and sound files for whoever need. On this site I am concentrating on iStock as it was the first I began uploading to and has developed into my favourite out of the few I contribute to.

Why iStock over all the rest?
It is basically a matter of taste and has absolutely nothing to do with one being better then the other or what-not. I merely found iStock's interface, their method of d...
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World Cup Fever

Posted by Mike Gatt on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, In : Life 
World Cup Fever is upon me!

Every 4 years there is one event which engulfs me. However there always seems something to get in the way. When I was a kid and still engrossed (in a way...) in schooling and studies and all that it used to be exams! Exams and the preparation for these always seemed to get in the way of more important things... such as watching World Cup Football.

Now that exams are a part of my history - well, exams in the academic sense as life is one constant exam, a constant tria...
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