Haven't done much in the way of photography lately, neither have I thought about this webpage much!

Seems like 2011 is turning out to be quite a disorganised year so far! My living and working space is proof of this but I won't, as yet, provide any visual document testifying the fact... just take my word for it!

One question I have is: How the heck does one keep the dust at bay short of spending 50% of one's time dusting the place down! I have always known that Malta is a dusty country - the dry summer months make for it so - but still the layers of dust that settle on my desk even after a week makes it look like an abandoned place! No wonder many of us suffer respiratory problems! Should I blame the government for this? Like most other people here in Malta... the minute something is criticised on a wide scale it becomes the fault of the government! Doesn't matter who, rather which party is in office. Malta is still so bi-polar that there are enough die-hards on each side to cause enough ripples whenever someone decides to blame the powers that be!

Anyway... tips on how to keep dust at bay would be appreciated!

And no... I will not petition the gvern!