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About me!

I quite despise these 'about me' pages. Never really liked talking about myself and glorifying my own deeds and stuff. 

The real me is in my deeds, in my images here, in my efforts to improve (almost nill as I am chronically lazy) and in my accomplishments.

It is not up to me to wax lyrical but it is up to me to strive to produce images and 'art' (if you wish) of ever improving quality and beauty.

What I can describe here is my education (errm, sorry??), my qualifications (what are those?) my equipment and my passion (these last two I understand.


  • Nothing that you would be interested in!
  • Nikon D80 with Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm DX VR Lens
  • Fuji Finepix S 5600
  • Photography
  • Friendship & Socialising
  • Films & Books
  • Travel - when possible and when finances allow.
Who ye lookin at huh??


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